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Monday, March 17, 2014 - 12:01 AM EST

UPDATED: Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:00 AM EST
Typo was made during the conversion of UTC times. Meeting of SIA68 and MH320 occurred at 18:00UTC - 18:15UTC. MH320 dropped off of civilian radar at 17:22UTC.

UPDATE - Monday, March 17, 2014 - 12:15 PM EST
Some have raised the statement that TCAS doesn’t work if the transponder is disabled… this is only partially correct. Other planes TCAS would NOT see MH370 at all. MH370 would not actively query other planes as it’s transponder is off HOWEVER it could still listen to any transponder output from other planes that are actively transmitting. SQ68 would have been actively transmitting while in-range of Subang ATC center.

For a guy who runs a school, @DrStevePerry seems to have a limited view of history. #RealEdReform



The Bennett flap drew attention to a weakness of a cherished Bush policy: Grading all public schools on an A-F scale. As Florida residents have seen up close, the grading formulas are easy to manipulate, either through transparent changes or behind closed doors. That has parents, policy makers and even Bush loyalists grumbling. “The poor teachers don’t know what the criteria are going to be from year to year, and students don’t know, either,” said Florida State Sen. Alan Hays, a Republican.

Recent scandals are finally forcing some politicians and the wider public to confront what public school educators, students and parents already knew: high-stakes test scores and school grading formulas frequently serve as easily-manipulated political tools, not sound measures of educational quality.

And education policy researchers, like the fellows at the National Education Policy Center, have been critiquing the policies Jeb Bush, FEE & Chiefs for Change like to promote for several years now:

A great deal of money and effort is being spent to promote a package of reforms known as the “Florida Formula.” But this policy push, being led by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, rests on overstated and ungrounded claims about the existence, extent, and causes of improved achievement, according to a new review of the Foundation’s contentions.

Click through the photo to read the rest of the POLITICO story, and click here to read more research-backed rebuttals of the “Florida Formula.”

Dear ‘Yo, is this racist,’

Yo I’m so confused - why aren’t the NRA releasing a statement to say that the tragedy wouldn’t have happened if only Trayvon Martin was armed, and calling on young black men to get themselves guns? Surely that’s the kind of thing they like to do?

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@tchriste here’s 2 with parent

Feed me. I’m hungry.

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Conservative #Benghazi theories demystified in one handy chart

Perfect visual

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Blue tit on a lichen covered tree branch.

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Wind shift started around 11:30. I’m looking west toward the fire.

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Oh, I see. Now the cable nets have a new repeating image to flog. The Boston marathon bombs going off. Because they really think we need the postmortem just over a week after the fact?




From the “Shit you can’t make up” files:

In a bizarre twist befitting a Hollywood conspiracy theory movie. the AP reports today that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was influenced by conspiracy theories, including Alex Jones’ website Infowars, which has been pushing a narrative that the Tsarnaev brothers were patsies set up by a government cabal to take the fall for the bombing

There’s no doubt that Jones will take this report as confirmation of everything he’s been preaching. The report, he will claim, was planted in the AP — the government controls the media, after all — and is a naked attempt to discredit him and definitive proof that the globalist cabal views him as a serious threat. He was getting too close to the truth in Boston, so they decided to try to take him out. It’ll be a big shot in the arm to Jones’ grand theory of the bombings, which has suffered from an embarrassing lack of evidence and logical consistently. He said the government first planned to blame the Tea Party, but then was found out and had to switch Plan B — blame Muslim extremists — so with the AP report, Jones will say, the government is trying to return to Plan A.

Other reports state that the suspects’ mother was a believer in 9/11 truther theories — specifically ones spouted by Jones and others -- that  claim 9/11 was a government conspiracy to make Americans hate Muslims because terrorism, but was concocted to take away civil rights and gain power, blah blah blah.

For people who think the government is largely incompetent, Jones and his followers sure have a lot of faith in it. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out as the investigation continues, considering anything said regarding Tsarnaev being a fan of Alex Jones can, of course, just be another part of the “conspiracy.”

Emphasis mine — this is what gets me every time.

but Rush said they were democrats, OMG, I don’t know what to believe #headspins The right always tries to blame the nuts on the left